Sunguard 5lb Resealable Pouch

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    SunGuard is safe for all washable fabrics including cotton, linen, rayon and silk.
    SunGuard will not add sun protection to polyester or acrylic fabrics
    Will not change the look and feel of clothing.

    Directions: Select water level suitable to load size.  Choose hottest water and wash cycle appropriate for fabric.  Add SunGuard as washer is filling, pouring just above the water level.  Add clothes, avoid crowding.  Set wash cycle for at least 15 minutes.  Rinse and dry as usual.  Water temperature should be 100 degrees or higher.  Do not use bleach when applying SunGuard.  Future laundering with bleach will not affect the UV protective quality.  Not intended to be used as a spray solution on items such as hats, umbrellas and awnings.